Anonymous COVID19 Proximity Alerts

Anonymously share your location and symptoms to get potential and official COVID19 proximity alerts

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COVID-19 Risk Awareness

for the Conscious Citizen

Share location and symptoms

Anonymously share your location and symptoms. We encrypt your data in transit and at rest for additional security.

Get proximity alerts

Opendemic will notify you if you've been in close proximity to a potential or confirmed COVID-19 case.

Contribute to a global effort

Opendemic will only share anonymous data with public health authorities and research groups.

Are you a public health organization or researcher?

We are here to help.

Cross-platform Interfaces To maximize accessibility to our platform, we’ve developed both web as well as chat based interfaces.

Cutomizable Settings We understand every partner is unique in its needs. That’s why our team is ready to customize our platform to a wide range of deployment specifications.

Bidirectional Data Flow Whether you need to consume our data or want to contribute to it, we can set up avenues for bidirectional exchange of data as long as it complies with our terms of service and privacy policy.

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